// Vanilla Cranberry, The Original //

“Two dozen cupcakes,” my friend asked. “How about something vegan, healthy…with cranberry?”

He knew that I loved to bake and he was throwing a party for some of his yoga friends in Austin, so he asked if I could help him surprise them with something sweet. Never turning down the opportunity to bake up something in the kitchen, especially for a friend, I jumped at the task.

“How about vanilla cranberry?” I suggested.

And that’s how it began. Word spread, and soon enough other close friends were reaching out to me to order vanilla cranberry cupcakes for their birthdays, friends’ baby showers, their kids’ birthday parties, and other fun events.

Nearly two years later I’ve expanded my menu and grown from baking small, custom orders to creating cakes and cupcake tiers for large-scale events including weddings.

// Passion Driven By Joy //

Baking has always been a big passion of mine. I grew up cooking alongside my mom, and as a little girl my favorite time to be in the kitchen was during the Christmas season. Cookie decorating, pie making, and cake baking…I loved it all. Having never outgrown this outlet for me to express my creativity, baking now also exists as a means for me to express my love for hospitality.

What delights me the most is seeing my customers’ (many of who are my dear friends!) reactions as they take a bite into a cupcake. I love watching them smile and am filled knowing that I was able to help spread joy by making them and their guests feel extra special and thought of.

- Cathy Sze, owner of CathyCake